Lodi City Council Member Ordered to Wear Ankle Monitor

Lodi City Council Member Shak Khan has been ordered by the courts to wear a GPS tracking device after leaving the state and violating his recognizance agreement.

Shakir Khan was originally arrested just before the 2020 election on numerous charges of illegal gambling, grand theft money laundering, tax evasion, and submitting false documents to the California Employment Development Department (EDD). He was then arraigned on September 28, 2021 and released on a recognizance agreement. That agreement, signed by Council Member Khan, included terms which stated he could not leave the county without permission from the courts.

More information on the arraignment can be read here.

According to Wes Bowers of the Lodi News Sentinel, Shakir Khan appeared before Judge Richard Mallet on September 28, 2022. There it was revealed that Council Member Khan had posted numerous images to Facebook throughout the year, traveling across state lines to Nevada, Hawaii, and New York. Directly after the hearing, Lodi Council Member Khan was ordered to wear a GPS tracking device around his ankle.

Click here to read the full article from The Lodi News Sentinel: Lodi councilman breaks court order by leaving state, must wear monitor.

DA Investigator Josh Gillespie outlined all of Council Member Khan’s trips in a 39-page declaration. These images can also be seen to this day on his personal Facebook Page.

January 9, 2022, Council Member Khan posted photos of himself with his family during a trip to Nevada.

May 11, 2022, Council Member Khan posted photos of himself with Congressman Jerry McNerney around Washington D.C. This was listed as a business expense for the San Joaquin One Voice trip from May 8-12, according to documents from the City of Lodi.

July 27, 2022, Council Member Khan posted photos of himself with Congressional Candidate Dr. Asif Mahmood and Former Senator Hillary Clinton in New York, NY. DA Investigator Gillespie revealed this was a campaign event in support of Dr. Asif Mahmood for Congress with an endorsement from Clinton.

August 19 & 24, 2022 Khan posted numerous times during a family trip around Hawaii.

Although there have been numerous allegations and an arraignment, Council Member Shak Khan has not been proven guilty. He is expected to appear for a preliminary hearing on December 12, 2022 with his co-defendants Zakir Khan and Mohammas Iqbal Khan.

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