Shak Khan


Lodi City Council Member Ordered to Wear Ankle Monitor

Lodi City Council Member Shak Khan has been ordered by the courts to wear a GPS tracking device after leaving the state and violating his recognizance agreement.


New Lodi City Council District Map Approved

The Lodi City Council approved new districts for City Council elections this past Wednesday. This map will be effective until the next Census.


District Attorney releases statement on Lodi City Council Member Shak Khan

San Joaquin county's District Attorney, Toni Verber Salazar, released an official statement earlier today on the upcoming arraignment of Lodi City Council Member Shak Khan. City Council Member Khan and his lawyer respond with a statement of their own.


Council Member Shak Khan speaks out on his arrest and plans for district 4

With only seven months into his term, Lodi City Council Member Shak Khan has been engulfed in controversy. The Grapevine News was fortunate to sit down with the Council Member to discuss a number of contentious topics, including his surprising arrest before the 2020 Election.


Case Closed on Anti-Homeless Bars

During the May 5, 2021 Lodi City Council meeting, the issue of the anti-homeless bars came to a close as the City Manager gave his final report.


Lodi Committee Member offers reward for evidence against bench vandals

David Diskin, Member of the Lodi Improvement Committee, has offered a reward for any video evidence that will lead to the perpetrators behind the illegally installed bars on city benches.


Lodi City Council Members offer comments on the Capitol Insurrection

Several Lodi City Council Members offered comments on the US Capitol Insurrection on January 6, 2021.


City Council contends over Lodi 2×2 Committee seats during appointments to boards, committees, and commissions

Lodi's City Council Members contend over Lodi 2x2 committee seats as citizens speak out against the school district during January 20, 2021 meeting.


Lodi’s Government Reorganizes in last meeting of 2020

City of Lodi swears in two new council members and elects a Mayor and Vice Mayor in the last regular meeting of 2020.


Lodi City Council Candidate Shak Khan arrested on 3 suspected felony charges

Candidate for Lodi City Council District 4 was arrested on allegedly maintaining an illegal gambling website and funneling the money through one of his businesses.

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