Access Centers moving forward in San Joaquin County Cities

Access Centers are currently in the works for Stockton, Lodi, Tracy, and Manteca. Funding and locations have been secured for three of the four cities.


Lodi man arrested on suspected double homicide near Century and Salas Parks

Two bodies were found laying near the railroad tracks between End of Century Park and Salas Park this morning. A suspect has been identified and booked in county jail.


Rain Overwhelms City Infrastructure

Non-stop rain in San Joaquin County has overwhelmed the drainage systems. City of Lodi recommends everyone to stay at home!


2021 Blanket Drive for our homeless

Joseph Donally is hosting his annual blanket drive for the homeless! Now accepting donations and looking for volunteers.


District Attorney releases statement on Lodi City Council Member Shak Khan

San Joaquin county's District Attorney, Toni Verber Salazar, released an official statement earlier today on the upcoming arraignment of Lodi City Council Member Shak Khan. City Council Member Khan and his lawyer respond with a statement of their own.


Town meeting regarding Lodi Access Center

A town meeting for the planned Access Center in Lodi has been scheduled for this Thursday September 2, 2021. Learn about the guidelines and locations considered here.


Council Member Shak Khan speaks out on his arrest and plans for district 4

With only seven months into his term, Lodi City Council Member Shak Khan has been engulfed in controversy. The Grapevine News was fortunate to sit down with the Council Member to discuss a number of contentious topics, including his surprising arrest before the 2020 Election.


Burglar attempts to hide in Lodi Walmart

On the evening of June 26th, a 29-year-old male burglarized a home in Lodi before fleeing to the local Walmart in an attempt to hide from authorities.


Lodi’s third homicide of 2021 still under investigation

In the early morning of June 13th, a 25-year-old male was shot and killed in a neighborhood on Lodi's east side. This is the third homicide of 2021 in the City of Lodi.


Lodi will soon redistrict for upcoming City Council elections

During the June 2, 2021 Lodi City Council meeting, the City Clerk notified the public of redistricting for future City Council elections.

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