Bar Owner in Clements caught selling fake COVID-19 vaccination cards

The owner of the Old Corner Saloon in Clements, CA has been arrested for allegedly selling fake COVID-19 vaccination cards, according to the ABC.

Todd Anderson, the 59-year-old owner of the Old Corner Saloon (pictured above), was arrested on May 4, 2021 after San Joaquin County Sheriffs received a tip of the production and sale of laminated cards showing the recipient had received COVID-19 vaccinations. The Sheriff’s Department then contacted the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC), who investigated the claim.

The counterfeit COVID-19 vaccination cards, provided by Alcoholic Beverage Control, taken from KCRA Kay Recede on Twitter

Undercover investigators with the ABC were able to purchase several forged COVID-19 vaccination cards from the Old Corner Saloon in April, according to ABC Deputy Division Chief Luke Blehm, which led to a raid and arrest in May. Investigators witnessed several other patrons buying COVID cards for $20 a piece.

Both complete and incomplete COVID vaccination cards were found during the raid, along with a lamination machine and paper cutter. Todd Anderson was charged with falsifying medical records, falsifying a seal, several counts of identity theft, and possession of a loaded and unregistered firearm which was on Mr. Anderson during the arrest. Investigators are looking into bringing up charges on another bartender who also sold the falsified COVID-19 vaccine cards.


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